Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hot Chocolate Pops

Hot chocolate has always been a favorite
at our house.
The other day we were at the store and saw chocolate squares on a stick.
I was inspired to go home and make them myself.
I bought three different types of chocolate ...
dark, milk and white chocolate.
First, you have to melt the chocolate as directed on the package.
After this, you pour the chocolate into ice cube trays to harden.
You have to let the chocolate thicken a little bit before you put in the sticks
and then you let it sit over night or for 8 hours.
(I found that the white chocolate did not set as well as the milk or dark chocolate.)
The idea is to heat up 6 - 8 oz. of milk,
and stir in the chocolate.
After it melts, you have an amazing cup of Hot Cocoa!

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  1. When you first made these, I thought they were cute but didn't know how good they would be...and then you made me a cup of your amazing hot cocoa!!!! Yum:-)


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